Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» is the best and the largest medical university in Eastern Europe. Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» was established in 1930 as M. Gorky Donetsk Medical Institute. In 1994 DNMU was given the status of University and in 2008 DNMU has got the status of National Medical University and it was renamed to Donetsk National Medical University. DNMU is considered to be one of the best medical school in Ukraine and all over Europe.

The University is known as DNMU and it’s the abbreviated name of Donetsk National Medical University.

In connection with recent events in Ukraine, Donetsk National Medical University moved to Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovohrad) city. This city is close to the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. The University has several administrative buildings and hostels. All the teaching staff has been transferred to Kirovohrad as well as all the scientific centers and hospitals where the students can work. Thus, at the moment the university works in a regular mode and provides top quality education.

Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» was the first medical university of Ukraine which was recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and from Directory of I-Med Schools. Donetsk National Medical University is registered with the world Medical Universities list.

Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» was the first medical university in Ukraine and in eastern Europe who started the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry in the English language for foreign students in 1991 after the independence of Ukraine.

Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» is attested according to the highest (the fourth) Level of accreditation. Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» courses are confirmed with The Constitution of Ukraine, Ukrainian legislation acts issued by the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Decrees of the Health Department and Education Department of Ukraine, the University Rules.

Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» is the most promising to foreign students among other Ukrainian medical universities due to its highest ranking, high level of specialist training, high tech laboratories, good knowledge of English language of the staff, campus system of the DNMU.

Today more than 15000 students are studying at eight faculties of Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU».

Due to the high level of specialists training and considerably low tuition fees, DNMU is considered to be one of the best Ukrainian Medical Universities for the foreigners.

In total, more than 52,000 highly qualified doctors, well-known scientists, researchers, health service organizers from Ukraine, Russia, other CIS countries and as well as from 96 countries of the world from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Americas have graduated from the Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU».

Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» has been recognized the best training-methodical center among Ukrainian medical universities in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 and awarded certificates from Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Students of Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» can make transfers of their credits to any other European medical university anytime after completing their first year of education at DNMU. Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» is the regional center for Bologna process managing in Ukraine. Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» works actively for transfer of students from other Euro¬pean universities to DNMU and from DNMU to other universities of Europe and Americas. Transfer to other Eu¬ropean universities is made under Bologna process and to the universities of Canada and USA on the basis of the agreements of DNMU with this Universities. Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» has signed the agreements for cooperation and for students’ transfer with almost 160 different Universities of the different countries among them are the universities of CIS, Europe, Canada, USA and with some Arabic countries.

At Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU», there are eight faculties including preparatory faculty for foreign students. Donetsk National Medical University (DNMU) trains specialists with the follow¬ing education/qualification levels: Junior specialists, specialists, Masters for the following specialties:

  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Post-Graduate Education
  • Preparatory Department

Donetsk National Medical University «DNMU» provides training in English, Russian and in the Ukrainian language at all faculties.

In Donetsk National Medical University (DNMU) the academic year is divided into two semesters.

 First semester starts in the first to mid of September and lasts till the last week of January.

 The second semester starts in the first week of February lasts till mid of July. 

The studies at the University start on the 1st of September, at the pre-medical department – on the 1st of October every year.

Within the week there are 5 working days, Saturday and Sunday are holidays. 

The studies are scheduled from 8.00 to 16.00. 

The student’s working week comprises 54 hours; within this time period there are 36 lecturing hours and 18 hours for independent work.

The teaching course period includes the time of teaching semesters, final control and vacations. The teaching year is 12 months long and comprises teaching days, days of final control, examination sessions , off days, celebration and vacation days. Visiting of all kinds of studies (except for consultations) is obligatory for the students.

Summer vacation covers the month of July and august. 

During holidays students may have easy access to CIS & all countries in Europe by bus, train and flights. Special program and trips are also available to enable students to experience first hand the transition process in Russia or Ukrainian, CIS counties and elsewhere in Europe.

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